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Eastern Sierra Fall Colors
Color Management for Fine-Art Printing

in collaboration with Calypso Imaging

-Class Size: 16 participants-
Dates: 2007, October 12, 13, 14 and 20, 21

Sunset on the Toiyabe National Forest
Pentax 645N, Pentax Super Wide Angle 33-55mm f/4.5 AL, 4 sec at f/32, Fuji Velvia.


  • Improve your photographic skills, from capture to print-making
  • Work professionally in the field to get beautiful landscape and wildlife photographs
  • Develop your personal style
  • Access remote and photogenic natural landmarks
  • Streamline your photo editing workflow by improving Color Management understanding and implementation
  • Learn how to hand craft beautiful and vibrant fine-art prints
Workshop Overview:
This two weekend Workshop is designed around the two basic phases of modern nature photography: image capture and image editing.
During the first weekend we will be photographing from sunrise to sunset the glorious colors of the Eastern Sierra Fall season. We will focus on finding the best light and composition for our carefully chosen subjects. We will go to beautiful and lesser known photographic locations keeping our group off the beaten track to explore remote locations that offer the most exciting photographic opportunities. During the day, when we are not taking pictures, we will be conducting informal photography lessons. These lessons will cover (but will not be limited to):
  • Equipment review
  • Light and Exposure Theory
  • Creative use of the light
  • Use of filters
  • Composition Theory

The Calypso Imaging teaching center

During the second weekend, in a classroom setting, we will cover in-depth the finest points of image processing and file preparation for fine-art printing using inkjet and lightjet printers. Topics and techniques covered in the Workshop will include:

Overview of ICC Color Management
Difference between Color Mode, Color Space and Color Profiles
The RGB Color Mode
The CIELab Color Space
The RGB Editing Workflow
Choosing an appropriate Color Space
All about Color Profiles
Monitor Calibration and Profiling
Custom Printer Profiles

Color Management in Photoshop
Photoshop Color Settings
Analyzing the Image Histogram
Working with Adjustment Layers

Setting White and Black Points using Curves
Global and Local Contrast
Global and Local Color Balance
Dodging and Burning - a Creative Approach
Tools for Sharpening

The secret life of Master Files
Output-Specific Sharpening
Monitor to Print Match: Softproofing in Photoshop
Printing with Output Profiles

MatWorks! Software - a custom application designed by Giorgio Trucco

While training files will be provided by the instructor, participants are welcome to bring and work on their own image files. Film photographers will be offered a complimentary high quality scan of one transparency of their choice. The scan will be done on an Imacon 949 scanner.

Photography Locations and Schedule:
October 12:
We will meet in Bridgeport, California in the late afternoon. We will spend the night in Bridgeport. Hotel and camping information will be detailed upon registration.
October 13:
This will be our first day of shooting. We will spend all day exploring and photographing the Toiyabe National Forest north of the scenic byway 395. After sunset we will drive back to Bridgeport where we will stay again for the night.
October 14:
We will drive to new locations south of byway 395, and towards Sonora Pass. This area is a photographer’s dream and we will be hard pressed heading back to Bridgeport to conclude this part of the Workshop.

October 20:
We will meet at the Calypso Imaging facility in Santa Cruz at 9am. The entire day, from 9am to 5pm, will be dedicated to in-depth digital workflow tutorials at the state of the art Calypso teaching center.
October 21:
this will be our second and final day of digital workflow tutorials.

Photographing the spectacular Eastern Sierra Fall colors

Things to remember:
Fall colors depend largely on the amount of water received by the trees during the summer and also on the average temperatures. The exact time for peak colors cannot be known or predicted for sure.

In the unfortunate case of an uneventful fall season, we reserve the right to change the program to guarantee exciting photographic opportunities. In this case, Mono Lake and the eastern region of Yosemite National Park will become the preferred locations for the Workshop. You will be kept informed as the date of the Workshop approaches.

For maximum flexibility, we allow participants to enroll to either one of the two weekends. If you are only interested in a field photography Workshop, you can enroll to the October 12-13-14 weekend and skip the following weekend (October 20-21).
If your key interest is Color Management and digital workflow for fine-art printing, then you can enroll to the second weekend only.
While this flexibility is allowed to offer the participants maximum freedom of choice, due to the limited space in the class, precedence will be given to those participants who have chosen to enroll to the complete Workshop program.

Dates: October 12-14 and October 20-21

Class size: 16 participants
Cost: $900 (both weekends) – $450 (first weekend only) - $550 (second weekend only)
Instructor: Giorgio Trucco

How to enroll: Please download the PDF form below, fill it out completely, sign it and return it to me at the address provided.
Email me at [email protected] if you have any question!

Downloadable Terms & Conditions, Liability Release and Registration Form (PDF - 100KB)