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I contacted Giorgio Trucco about obtaining a profile for my Minolta Dimage Scan Multi Pro film scanner.

Giorgio offered to build a custom profile for this scanner based upon my normal use of 35mm Kodachrome film. He also offered to inspect and upgrade the light transmission qualities of the scanner. During the course of this work, we came to realize that profiling for Kodachrome has very unique problems, requiring a bit more time and effort. I was kept informed of the progress of this job regularly, and felt quite confident that it would be worth the time and trouble. Giorgio also provided accurate intuitive instruction on how to best utilize the SilverFast scanner software to employ the profile.

My scanning is now considerably less time consuming, and generates more consistent, accurate results, something I was advised might not be possible for a profiling of Kodachrome film.

I can recommend Giorgio with confidence; very prompt, considerate and professional service. I will contact Giorgio in the future for additional printer and scanning profiles.

Brian M. Silcox
Gig Harbor, WA
[email protected]

Giorgio Trucco  is an absolute godsend!!!  

I had been struggling with getting my arms around Color Management for many months.  After contacting Giorgio, I was literally up and running with spectacular results in days.  Not only did he help get all of my hardware color managed and calibrated, but he provided me with detailed step-by-step instructions on how to utilize my system to its highest potential.  If you need Color Management help with software, hardware, or just some good consulting advice, then Giorgio is your man.  

There are many digital imaging technicians out there, but Giorgio rises head and shoulders above the rest when it comes to explaining both problems and solutions to those less experienced, and providing his service with professionalism and care.  

Feel free to contact me with any questions about my experience with Giorgio Trucco.

Hudson Henry
[email protected]

I contacted Giorgio to obtain both a scanner profile for my Nikon Coolscan LS4000 and a printer profile for my Epson 2200. I can say that I truly discovered the potential of my system only after getting custom profiles from Giorgio.

The profiles have been the best money I've ever spent for my digital darkroom.  

Giorgio didn't just provide the profiles but he also helped me configure my entire system to get better results with it. The one thing you'll notice when dealing with Giorgio is that he'll never give you the "dry and short answer" you often get from busy professional photographers. He spent as much time as needed to make me fully understand how to use my profiles, and he made me feel very confortable with my purchase...

Marco Passanisi
[email protected]

I came across Giorgio profiling service while struggling with colors on my Epson 2200 and Imageprint 5.5. I was initially very disappointed with this RIP and I wanted to return the RIP to Colorbyte. The images lacked punch in shadows and mid-tones.

I contacted Giorgio and got a lot of help without ever being pushed to buy a profile. He helped me calibrate my monitor and manage my RGB workflow more efficiently. All of his suggestions had a significant impact on the quality of my images and after a while I decided to try his profiles. I ordered a custom profile for my printing through Imageprint 5.5.

He tweaked the profile to my satisfaction and the prints made with my new profile came to a second life!!! I couldn't be happier with my results now.

Thanks Giorgio!!!

Massimo Giuriati
[email protected]

Giorgio created a very good profile for what had previously been an un-profileable paper. Previously, another highly respected consultant had tried in vain to produce a profile that eliminated loss-of-detail problems I was having in the shadow areas of my prints. Giorgio built a profile that does just that. It took two or three iterations to achieve it, but he stuck with it until he achieved the results we were looking for.

Michael Poster
[email protected]

Deciding to have Giorgio create a custom profile for my Nikon LS5000-ED film scanner dramatically changed my digital workflow and has allowed me to achieve better scans that I had ever seen before! I sent him my scanner, and within a few days, I got it back along with two custom profiles and a set of thorough instructions walking through the entire scanning process! I have been more than delighted with the results, and I would highly recommend his services to anyone who asked! Thanks Giorgio…

Micah Diamond

Your printer profile is great! Now a soft proof on the monitor looks exactly like the print. I can even do this with a complex colored target that makes errors obvious. Before, using the profile that came with my printer, I could not be sure how the image would look until printed it. Lots of trial and error. 

Thanks again, 

Dick Rosseau
[email protected]

Exquisite! Finally my workflow is as it should be: with the greatest challenge being aesthetic decisions rather than jumping over technical hurdles.
Giorgio's profiles for my Nikon Coolscan 8000 have cut a billion years of frustration out of my creative process. With the very first scan, I knew I had acheived that for which I had labored so long, a flawless and effortless digital rendition of my beloved chromes in all their glory.
Fifteen books on Photoshop, countless websites, the daily monitoring of discussion forums for three years, and the purchase of two inferior IT8 targets and profiling packages did not accomplish for me what Giorgio did in such short time. Not only is he the only guy I could find who offers this service, he does it with remarkable courtesy and professionalism - going above and beyond to tailor his work to the unique needs of his clients. If he were'nt 1,500 miles away, I'd give him a big sloppy kiss.

Michael Black
Michael Black Fine Art Photography
Beaumont, Texas
[email protected]

What a pleasure to work with Giorgio! I came to know of Giorgio through his excellent software program called MatWorks! for creating custom mats. Having just purchased a new Epson 2400 printer I realized that the profiles that shipped with the printer, good as they are, weren't going to satisfy my photographic needs. I had Giorgio create two custom profiles, one for Ilford's Smooth Pearl paper and another for Hahnemuhle's PhotoRag paper. When I compared the generic profiles to my new custom profiles I found the prints to have better contrast, greater shadow detail, and much more accurate color rendition. These new prints had a three dimensional quality missing from the generic profiles. I am very satisfied with the results and I can now concentrate on photography and not worry as much about color management. His profile service is highly recommended.

Robert Byers
Mountain View, CA
[email protected]

After investing more hours (and paper) than I'd ever admit to, I gave up trying to edit the factory profile for my new Kodak 1400 Thermal Dye Sublimation printer and decided to contact Giorgio Trucco Profiling Service. That was absolutely the best decision I could have made! Within hours of receiving my test prints, Giorgio had created a custom profile for my printer and I had it installed. I re-printed several photos with the new profile and they were FANTASTIC! Not only were the colors "right on", but the tonal range was finally as it should be. The custom profile gave me exactly what I had hoped it would.
Giorgio's services were professional and prompt. And I mean Prompt. Nearly immediate! From beginning to end it was a pleasure doing business with Giorgio. I highly recommend his service to anyone that is struggling with color management...to whatever degree.
Thank you again Giorgio. You deliver as promised!

Robbie Johnson
Fay. NC
[email protected]

For all of you family photographers out there who love taking pictures of your wife, kids and family but are tired of the prints just not matching up color-wise with what you saw on your monitor, then Giorgio Trucco is the man for you.  I was a little hesitant at first because I was overwhelmed by such concepts as "color space" and "profile calibration" but Giorgio makes it all very simple to understand and install.  While Giorgio is a professional photographer he is more than ready and willing to work with us amateur enthusiasts.  Giorgio is great, the process is easy and most importantly - your prints will actually match the what you see on your monitor.

Matthew O'Byrne
[email protected]

I was reasonably satisfied with prints from my Epson 9800 on Crane Silver Rag and my Epson 2200 on Crane Museo cards but always suspected that custom profiles would provide a better rendition of my images. After shopping around for profiling services I decided on Giorgio based on his impressive credentials and testimonials. Within hours of my initial e-mail I received customized targets for both paper/printer combinations. Within hours of his recepit of my prints I had an e-mail from Giorgio with my profiles. Absolutely incredible personalized and timely service, complete with a simple-to-follow guides for each step of the process. The resulting prints using his profiles are simply perfect. Totally accurate color rendition, beautiful shadows, and none of the color casts I noticed with the canned profiles I had been using. Now I have the peace of mind that comes with knowing that at least one part of my workflow is as good as it can possibly be. If my drum scanner weighed 200 fewer pounds I'd send it to Giorgio in a heartbeat!

Brett Deacon