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How my Photographs are made:

When I take pictures I think of the old photographic masters and their sacrifice. They spent hours in the field waiting on just the right light, but they were rewarded with images that stand the test of time.

In today's digital world, when you see a striking color image, you may ask yourself: "Is this a real photograph or was it touched up in Photoshop?". To me the photographic process retains all of its original charm only if also retains its purity, and I strongly believe that there is greater inherent value in an image that has not been digitally enhanced. That is why I chose to stay absolutely true to the original image. I do not use any digital tool to unnaturally enhance my images.
Being in the right place at the right time is key to successful photography, and all my images are shot under natural light with a conservative use of the traditional photographic filters.

No manipulation, no color enhancement or post-capture color alteration, no computer tricks.

I put a lot of effort into producing photographs of rarely seen quality. A good print can takes just a few minutes to produce. But a great print can easily take several hours or even days of painstakingly slow fine-tuning.

A Final Word...

The digital process, although very powerful, cannot replace passion and perseverance. The way to obtain a great photograph is, and always will be, to return numerous times to the same spot, hoping to be there with your camera ready, when the right light arrives.
That magic light that you have been dreaming about for weeks, months, even years... finally glowing in front of you as the final reward.
It lasts a few moments, and is gone forever...